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Suing Insurance Companies

Let me be very clear: Insurance Companies are NOT your friend. They have one interest and one interest only: to pay you as little as possible for your injuries and damages.

To talk to an insurance adjuster, you will believe they know more about medical issues than doctors, more about velocity and energy transference than engineers, and more about law than attorneys.

Do not believe them. They don’t.

They want to make you believe they do, so that you will be intimidated into accepting less for your claim than you should.

And this is why you need an attorney. More specifically, you need an attorney from Bailey & Galyen.

The attorneys at Bailey & Galyen are not fooled or intimidated by insurance adjusters. We refuse to accept less than your claim is worth. We will fight at your side to ensure that you receive that to which you are entitled.

Do not find out the hard way, like the person in this photo, that insurance companies are your enemy.

You would not take a knife to a gun fight. Do not go to battle with these insurance companies without Bailey & Galyen. Contact Us or call our office toll free at 844-402-3900 for a free initial consultation.