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Family and Divorce Issues

The law offices of Bailey & Galyen represents clients in a full range of divorce and family law-related legal matters:

We believe that the family unit is the primary building block of our society. However, we understand that divorce happens and families go through changes. As part of our continuing commitment to the community as a whole, we are committed to helping maintain the integrity of family during those times of transition.


If you are contemplating a divorce, you are not alone. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2003, there were 80,092 divorces in the state of Texas.

At Bailey & Galyen, many of our attorneys focus their practice primarily on family law; consequently, we are prepared to provide you with quality legal representation in a compassionate and caring environment, where privacy and confidentiality are paramount.

Texas Does Not Recognize Legal Separation

Many couples choose to begin the divorce process with a legal separation. If you are considering this, you should know that legal separation is not recognized in the state of Texas. Therefore, before you make any important decisions about separation or divorce, you should contact Bailey & Galyen for a consultation with a Texas divorce lawyer.

Child Support

Most divorcing couples agree that the best interests of their children are paramount; both the emotional and financial support of the children are of utmost importance. The Texas child support lawyers at Bailey & Galyen will work hard to secure the continuing financial support necessary for the well-being of children in divorce situations. Contact the firm for further assistance.

Child Custody

In Texas, the presumption is that both parents should be equally involved with their children; so the legal terminology is that parents will be joint managing conservators of their children, and often parents will agree to a parenting plan that allows for liberal, equal visitation by both parents. However, sometimes that is not possible, if one parent has an issue, such as alcohol or drug abuse, or is violent.

If you believe that this is a factor in your divorce, contact the firm immediately to discuss the matter with one of our lawyers. The sooner we are involved in the process, the greater your chances are for success in obtaining a parenting plan that is appropriate for your circumstances.


Non-custodial parents are almost always awarded visitation rights by the family court. Implementing child visitation can create significant conflict between former spouses. If you are having difficulties implementing child visitation, contact the attorneys at Bailey & Galyen for an initial consultation.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Permanent alimony (spousal support or spousal maintenance) is generally not granted in divorce proceedings. The courts usually award spousal support on a temporary basis, and sometimes award support to the husband (where the wife was the primary wage earner and the husband supported her in her career efforts). Contact the Texas attorneys at Bailey & Galyen for answers to your Texas spousal maintenance questions.


Texas requires mediation as part of all family law cases, especially divorces. The Texas divorce lawyers at Bailey & Galyen are experienced with the mediation process in family courts and are quite capable of assisting with that aspect of your case.

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