Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

What You Need to Know About Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas

If you are unable to work because of injury or illness, that will keep you off work for at least 12 months, for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas. This page sets forth the criteria for eligibility for benefits. To learn more about your rights, contact our office or call us to set up a free initial consultation. Phone numbers are available below.

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Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Disability Benefits

In order to recover disability benefits through the Social Security system, you must first be determined to be completely disabled. Though private disability insurance programs or policies may cover partial disability, Social Security does not. The disability must also be severe enough that it will last continuously for at least one year or end in death.

The condition must be medically determinable, with specific or a combination of medical evidence to support the injury or illness. The condition may be mental or physical and noted through regular treatment and compliance. All conditions must be observable by a qualified medical professional.

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