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Injuries Caused by Use of YAZ/Yasmin

YAZ or Yasmin (known as Drospirenone) is a synthetic progestin that is typically part of birth control medications. Common as it may be, studies show that women who take contraceptive pills that contain drospirenone, such as YAZ or Yasmin, are at significantly greater risk to develop a thromboembolism, or blood clots that form in the veins. These blood clots cans cause heart attacks and strokes. As early as 2008, the Food and Drug Administration cited Bayer, the manufacturer of YAZ or Yasmin, for failing to properly recognize, disclose and address the risks involved with taking these drugs. Some post-marketing studies have shown that YAZ and Yasmin have potentially life-threatening side effects that likely outweighed their potential benefits.

If you or a loved one has suffered a heart attack or stroke while taking YAZ or Yasmin, the attorneys at Bailey & Galyen can help.

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