Texas Social Security Disability Benefits Overview

An Overview of Social Security Disability Process

If you are suffering from a physical or mental limitation that has prevented you from working, or is expected to prevent you from working for 12 months or longer, you may be eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration. The process for obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits can be complex and confusing. This page provides some basic information about Social Security disability income benefits. To discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer contact Bailey & Galyen or call our offices at one of the numbers listed below.

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Social Security Disability

SSA provides medical and financial benefits to people who are suffering from mental or physical condition(s) that prevent them from working. To qualify for these benefits, you must prove you are unable to work.

SSDI benefits are based on your earnings and come with Medicare benefits after a waiting period. To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must have worked and paid in FICA taxes approximately 5 out of the 10 years prior to your disability.

SSI benefits are available to people who may not qualify for the SSDI program. They require the same finding of disability, but are need based. SSA will look at you income and assets to determine if you qualify under this program.

SSA will evaluate your claim under their rules. The rules are complex and change depending on multiple factors including age and your education level. It is important to consult with an attorney early enough that your claim be developed with these rules in mind.

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