Preserving Estate Assets During Estate Administration

How to Preserve Estate Assets

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If you have been named executor of the estate of a loved one, you may erroneously believe that all steps to preserve estate assets were taken during the estate planning process. To the contrary, you can still affect the value of the estate, based on different strategies you employ. This page identifies some of those techniques. To learn more about other aspects of probate, see our pages on

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Preserving Assets as the Executor of an Estate

When an estate goes through probate, value can be lost through the payment of attorney fees as well as taxes. By paying close attention and taking permissible tax strategies, you can reduce the tax burden on the estate and preserve more of its value. Specific strategies include

  • identifying whether it is more beneficial to value assets as of the date of death, the date of disposition of the assets, or 6 months after the date of death
  • determining whether there will be greater tax benefit to claiming administration expenses and casualty losses on the estate’s income tax return or on the estate tax (inheritance tax) return
  • identifying any tax benefits related to the filing of the decedent’s final income tax return

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