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If you have witnessed illegal or improper conduct by your employer, or by a representative or office of your company, there are state and federal laws that offer not only protection against retaliatory actions, but may also allow you to receive a portion of whatever the government recovers in fines or penalties. These laws, known as qui tam or whistleblower statutes, have been on the books for nearly 150 years. In recent years, Congress has strengthened the provisions of such laws as the False Claims Act. If you have a claim for retaliatory action at work because you properly exercised your rights in reporting company misconduct, or if you want to participate in a government prosecution for fraud, our attorneys for whistleblowers can help.

At Bailey & Galyen, we have more than two decades of experience handling a broad range of legal matters, including qui tam claims. We have a comprehensive understanding of your rights under state and federal laws, and will aggressively seek all remedies available under appropriate statutes. We will handle all matters related to your qui tam or whistleblower claim, gathering and evaluating all relevant evidence, and taking appropriate steps to preserve testimony and physical evidence. We will work with private investigators, as well as expert witnesses, to prepare and present the most compelling and convincing arguments for your full financial recovery.

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Our Representation in Qui Tam and Whistleblower Actions

We provide full-service legal counsel in all matters related to the protection of whistleblowers. If you have experienced retaliatory conduct at work, including demotions, undesirable job assignments, harassment from supervisors, or exclusion from company events, we will help you seek damages for your losses. We also handle wrongful discharge or termination claims, including cases involving constructive discharge, where the harassment you have experienced made your work environment intolerable and led you to quit your job. We will help you pursue damages for lost wages and income, for emotional or mental distress, and for any other losses associated with your employer’s wrongful acts.

Some state and federal statutes allow you to file an action for fraud against contractors or others who are defrauding the government. When you do so, you are entitled to recover a percentage (generally 15 to 25 percent) of the amount of damages recovered. If you have knowledge that your employer or any company is engaging in fraud with relation to a governmental body, we will help you take the appropriate steps to recover compensation for your disclosure of the wrongdoing.

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