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Lease Review and Negotiation

Board Certified Texas Oil and Gas Lease Attorney

An Oil and Gas Lease can tie up your property for generations! Bailey and Galyen fights for the best royalty and terms for your Oil and Gas Lease while protecting both your mineral and property rights.

If you have been offered and Oil and Gas Lease in person or by mail, protect your rights and promote your interests by contacting Bailey and Galyen today!

We craft, adjust, and negotiate Oil and Gas Leases according to your specific needs and requests in order to get the most value for your mineral rights while also protecting your home and property.

We can customize your Oil and Gas Lease to your specific needs:

1) Get you compensation for Surface Damages

2) Keep the Oil Company Off Your Property

3) Increase the oil and gas royalty you are paid

4) Make sure your mineral rights are the most available they can be for multiple Oil and Gas Leases

5) Limit Deductions the Oil and Gas Company can make on your royalty

6) Make sure the Oil Company makes the most use of your minerals possible

7) Ensure prompt payment of Royalties

8) Limit your taxes

9) Make sure Oil and Gas Company is held accountable for its actions on your lands

10) Preserve, protect, and defend the integrity and quality of your home after the Oil and Gas Company leaves

We press for the best royalty the Oil and Gas Company can offer and never leave you envious of your neighbors!

We will protect your property, make it the most valuable and productive it can be, and ensure your property is always the most available and lucrative lease on the market!

Contact the Texas Oil and Gas Lease Attorneys at Bailey and Galyen by calling our office at 844-402-3900 today for a free initial consultation.