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Internet Crimes

Texas Internet Crimes Defense Lawyers

Protecting the Rights of People throughout North Texas

If you have been charged with a crime involving use of the Internet, you want an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your constitutional rights. Because of the nature of the Internet, you can easily become a party to illegal activity without even knowing it. Offers that seem legitimate can be scams and if you knowingly or unknowing pass them on to others, you may be charged with fraud. Seemingly harmless exchanges between adults can lead to allegations of sexual solicitation.

At Bailey & Galyen, our lawyers bring extensive experience to individuals across Texas who have been charged with any type of crime, including offenses involving the Internet. We built our practice on a strong commitment to personal service and attention, as well as a dedication to follow the highest standards of practice within our profession. We place a premium on open and full communication, taking the time to carefully listen to all your concerns and questions, so that we can tailor our actions to meet your goals. We will keep you fully informed of any developments in your case, as well as your options, and provide you a realistic assessment of your chances of success, so that you can make educated choices that protect your interests.

Our lawyers provide a free* initial consultation to all criminal defense clients. To set up an appointment, contact our office or call us at 844-402-3900.

Our Internet Crimes Defense Practice.

We defend people charged with a wide range of crimes involving the Internet, including

• fraud. We handle all types of fraud claims, such as credit card fraud, bank fraud, business scams or any attempt to obtain or solicit funds through misrepresentation online

• Identity theft. Our lawyers will defend people charged with using the Internet to obtain money, goods or services by using someone else’s identity or critical information, such as Social Security number, credit card, name or address

• Sale of counterfeit or illegally obtained goods over the Internet, such as pirated music, software, video games or computer games

• The use of the Internet to illegally sell, obtain or distribute illegal pornography, including child pornography

• Cyber stalking, including the use of e-mail, social networking Web sites and other online tools to harass, intimidate or stalk another person

• Sexual solicitation, either with prostitutes or with minors, including sending sexually explicit information or materials to children

When you hire us to defend you on a criminal charge, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of your case, looking first to determine whether there was probable cause for any search, seizure or arrest. We will also review how evidence was obtained, to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated.

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