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Intellectual Property Litigation

Patent Disputes | Trademark Violations | Copyright Infringement | Trade Dress Violation | Disclosure of Trade Secrets

There’s little value in getting a patent, registering a trademark, securing copyright protection, or entering into a trade secret agreement if you aren’t willing to take legal action when your intellectual property rights are violated. Intellectual property litigation can be complex, though, with cases turning on highly technical interpretations of mechanical features or artistic representations. You want lawyers who know and understand the intricacies of intellectual property law. The law firm of Bailey & Galyen has the skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you protect your interests.

At Bailey & Galyen, we bring more than 20 years of experience to individuals and businesses throughout Texas. We offer extensive courtroom experience, and are well-versed in strategies and procedures for protecting intellectual property rights. We take an aggressive approach when handling intellectual property litigation, carefully investigating all matters related to your claim. We will question all potential witnesses, and will work with experts, when necessary, to put together the strongest arguments to support your position.

For a private consultation with a Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston attorney for intellectual property litigation, contact us online or call our office at one of the numbers below. There is no charge for your first meeting.

Our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice

We represent clients as plaintiffs or defendants in all types of intellectual property litigation, including:

  • Patent actions — We will help you seek a cease and desist order, as well as damages, when a competitor wrongfully infringes on your patented invention, or will protect your interests if you have been wrongfully accused of patent violation.
  • Trademark infringement — Our attorneys will help you recover damages when someone has misappropriated your trademark or wrongfully created a likelihood of confusion between your product and theirs.
  • Copyright violations — We protect the rights of individuals and businesses when their protected creative works are used without permission.
  • Trade dress infringement — We will help you seek compensation for unfair competition when a competitor wrongfully copies the physical appearance of your product and/or packaging.
  • Disclosure or use of trade secrets — We will help you seek damages for breach of contract when an employee, vendor or other signatory to a trade secret agreement improperly discloses or uses protected information.

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