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Family Law Mediation

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When you are involved in a divorce or family law matter, you can take your difference to a judge and jury and ask someone else to make a decision about child custody and visitation, child support, alimony and the division of marital property. The traditional divorce process can be expensive and time-consuming, and often produces solutions that don’t work very effectively. Working cooperatively through family law mediation may be the better alternative.

At Bailey & Galyen, our lawyers work closely with men and women who want to find more amicable ways to settle differences regarding custody, support and property. We know that family law matters can involve a lot of stress and anxiety, and maintain a strong commitment to personal service and attention, as well as a dedication to the highest standards of practice in our profession. We work hard to facilitate an open line of communication, listening carefully to your questions and concerns and keeping you fully informed of all developments in your case.

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Peaceful Solutions through Mediation

In mediation, unlike the traditional divorce process, you work cooperatively with a neutral third party (the mediator). The mediator’s primary goal is to help you and your ex-spouse find mutually beneficial ways to resolve your family law disputes, including disagreements about custody and visitation, support and property. The mediator won’t make any decisions for you, but will help you identify ways that you can find common ground.

Mediation brings many advantages over divorce litigation. Because the mediator does not consider evidence or listen to the testimony of witnesses, the process can be completed very quickly and without the costs of litigation. The stated objective of finding common ground alleviates much of the bitterness found in traditional divorce proceedings, allowing participants to focus on positive rather than negative emotions. Furthermore, where court proceedings necessitate that one party wins and one party loses, the parties to mediation can each get some of the things they really want, as they actively participate in the process.

When you hire us to assist you in family law mediation, we will take the time to carefully explain the process, as well as your rights, so that you have the best chance of settling your differences in mediation. We will be available throughout the mediation to help you evaluate proposals from your ex-spouse and ensure that your interests are being protected.

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