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Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Picture, for a minute, that you are patiently in traffic. It has been a very long work day. You are thinking about all the things you will do once you get home. Suddenly, you hear tires squealing and, before you can look up, you hear and feel the sickening crunch of metal as your car is slammed into from behind.

You are shocked. You are unsure what just happened. You are unsure what to do. Are you injured? What about the damage done to your car by the accident? Should you get on the phone and call 911? Your family? Your insurance company? Should you stay in the car? Should you get out? How will you get your car repaired? How will you pay for the medical bills from the injuries you are beginning to feel?

You have someone on your side to answer your questions, and, better yet, handle these things for you? You have fighters on YOUR side. You have The Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of Bailey & Galyen. The Bailey & Galyen Dallas Car Accident Attorneys are the finest in the State if Texas. So when you need a Dallas Car Accident Attorney, don’t you want the best of the best?

The Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of Bailey & Galyen will stop at nothing to make sure the damage caused by the car accident is handled and that you are given every opportunity to obtain the medical care for your injuries that you truly need. The Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of Bailey & Galyen will fight the insurance companies from day one and they will continue to fight for you until your injury case is settled or you receive a verdict from a jury.

Remember that the insurance companies will give you a call. They will sound like they care. These insurance companies are not friends of yours. You absolutely must have the experience of The Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of Bailey & Galyen to fight what the insurance companies will throw at you. So, the next time someone blows through a red light, runs a stop sign, or rams into your car from behind, just remember: you do not have to fight alone. You have The Dallas Car Accident Attorneys of Bailey & Galyen. Call us. We will drive out to you and give you a free case evaluation.

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