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Civil Appeals

Experienced Appellate Representation in All Civil Matters

If you have been involved in a civil dispute, and taken your case to trial, only to get an unfavorable result because the judge made an error, you want an experienced lawyer to help you assess and protect your rights. If the mistake concerned an issue of law, you have the right to appeal to a higher court. The process, however, is substantially different from trial. You want an attorney who understands the appeals process, who brings the unique skill set necessary to be successful in the appellate courts.

At the law offices of Bailey & Galyen, we have the knowledge, skill, experience and resources to help you get the relief you want. We bring nearly 30 years of practice experience to people who are involved in civil appeals, whether as the petitioner (seeking to reverse a lower court ruling) or as the respondent (looking to enforce a verdict or other ruling). We built our practice on a commitment to communication, responsiveness and accessibility, working hard to be there when you need to talk. We listen closely to your questions and concerns, and will provide you with an honest assessment of the merits of your case. We keep you fully informed of all developments in your case, as well as your options and likelihood of success, so that you can make the right decisions.

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Our Civil Appellate Practice

In order to successfully appeal a trial court ruling, you must demonstrate that the lower court made an error of law. This can include improperly allowing or excluding evidence, as well as incorrectly instructing the jury on the law. At the appellate level, the court will only hear legal arguments, and will only make rulings on the law. Because of this, to be successful in an appeal, you need a lawyer who has skill and experience conducting legal research, who can prepare and submit a compelling brief of the law to the court, and who has the knowledge and skill to effectively represent you in oral arguments before the appeals court justices.

Attorney Paul F. Wieneskie, of Bailey & Galyen‘s civil appeals group, has represented clients in the state appellate courts for nearly 30 years. Through our efforts, the interpretation of different laws has changed. We have handled appeals involving many different types of civil disputes, such as:

  • Real estate controversies
  • Fiduciary issues, including business and probate/estate matters
  • Family law and divorce disagreements
  • Business disputes

We provide appellate representation to many trial lawyers in Texas who lack the inclination, experience or the time to represent their clients in civil appeals.

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We handle all matters related to civil appeals for clients throughout Texas..