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If you own or operate a business and are struggling to stay above water in today’s difficult business climate, the federal bankruptcy laws can provide you the relief you need, whether you believe it’s necessary to terminate business operations, but you want to minimize the impact on your personal finances, or you simply need to restructure some of your debt and get a brief reprieve to get your business in order.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Counsel for Businesses Across Texas

At Bailey & Galyen, we provide comprehensive counsel to businesses and business owners regarding your rights and options in bankruptcy. We built our strong reputation on a commitment to personal service and attention, along with a dedication to apply the highest standards of legal excellence to every case we handle. We place a high priority on communication, listening carefully to the details of your case, so that we can tailor our approach to help you get the results you seek. We will also keep you fully updated on all developments in your case, as well as your options and likelihood of success, so that you can make informed decisions that are in your best interests.

We offer a free initial consultation to all clients. To schedule an appointment with a Dallas business bankruptcy attorney, contact our office or call us at 844-402-3900

Our Business Bankruptcy Practice

When you hire us to help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a business bankruptcy, we will take the time to learn as much as we can about your business, so that we can help you determine whether to shut down operations or reorganize your debt under Chapter 11.

If we conclude that your business is still viable, we will help you file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, seeking the reorganization of your debt. Immediately upon filing, the automatic stay afforded by the bankruptcy law will go into effect, prohibiting your creditors from trying to collect any debt, and buying you time to bring your company back to health. We will also help you put together a reorganization plan to submit to your creditors, and will review any proposed repayment plans to make certain they are in your best interests.

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