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Arlington Child Custody Attorney

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Bailey and Galyen Arlington Child Custody Attorney brings five years of expertise when advising her clients of all their options in pursuing or defending a child custody case or a divorce case. In her capacity as the Arlington Child Custody Attorney, focuses on walking clients through the difficult process of fighting for each individual’s rights when it comes to his or her child or children regardless of the issues facing each individual. In her practice as the Arlington Child Custody Attorney is comfortable starting the process with a client beginning with an initial client interview where attorney takes her time discussing each client’s individual situation and goes into great detail to explain the legal process as it relates to each client’s particular situation and attorney also takes time to explain the two sides of a Texas custody case. The first side of any child custody case relates to the rights and duties each parent has with regard to his or her child or children including who makes medical decisions and who makes educational decisions. The second side to a Texas child custody case is referred to as visitation which is the amount of time each parent spends with the child or children. Focusing her practice on clients from the areas surrounding Arlington, attorney takes the time to listen and to map out a plan for how to achieve client goals in the most cost effective manner. As the Arlington Child Custody attorney is also comfortable jumping into the middle of a child custody case whenever a client comes in with a pending case. Many times, a client will begin a case on his or her own without an attorney only to discover the legal process is more complicated than anticipated or that the issues which have arisen with regard to his or her children require individualized attention from the court and the help of an experienced attorney to receive the client’s desired outcome. As the Arlington Child Custody attorney is also comfortable taking over cases where clients have decided they need to switch to a more experienced Arlington Child Custody Attorney to fight aggressively for the outcome he or she desires. attorney focuses her practice on Family Law only and devotes 100% of her time to advocating for her clients in family courtrooms.

attorney is also a strong advocate as an Arlington Child Custody Attorney for her clients. attorney takes her time to sit down with each client and map out all the complicated issues. attorney understands that a child custody case is a complicated process both with regard to legal filings and emotional stress. As an Arlington Child Custody attorney walks each client through the legal and emotional side of a child custody case. attorney will sit down and work out an individual legal “battle plan” to achieve the client’s desired outcome through court. attorney also has clients that request that his or her case be handled in a more passive manner to reduce any additional stress. As the Arlington Child Custody Attorney for Bailey and Galyen, attorney will custom tailor how aggressively she handles a client’s case so that she can ensure that each client’s individual needs are met both inside and outside the courtroom.

In her capacity as the Arlington Child Custody attorney works to make the legal process less intimidating for clients and takes the time to explain each step in the legal process. attorney explains all the options available for each client based upon his or her individual situation and will detail the pros and cons of each decision. At the end of the day, as the Arlington Child Custody Attorney for Bailey and Galyen respects that each case she handles affects the home life of each of her clients. attorney gives her clients her time, legal advice, and legal recommendations for each situation; however, attorney will never pressure a client to make a decision that the client is not 100% comfortable making. As an Arlington Child Custody Attorney working philosophy is that each client will have as much of her time as needed to discuss his or her case to make the right decision for each individual client.

2216 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX