Meet Our Attorneys

Texas Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury Lawyers

Bedford Office

Galyen, Phillip - President & CEO

Bailey III, J. C. - Executive Vice-President | Bankruptcy, Probate, Wills & Business Law

Miller, Martin – Vice-President | Criminal Defense

Robinson, John - Managing Attorney | Criminal Defense

Spencer, R. Keith - Executive Vice-President | Family Law

Stevenson, Rachael - Associate Attorney | Personal Injury

Jordan, David – Managing Attorney | Tax Department

Strax, Lauren - Attorney | Workers' Compensation

Robles Jr, Joe – Personal Injury

Scherf, Jennifer – Family Law

Martinez, Andres – Immigration Law

Dallas Office

Coleman, Deborah C – Managing Attorney | Family Law

Forteith, Bill – Associate Attorney | Personal Injury

Robelen, Scott – Managing Attorney | Personal Injury Litigation

Cramer, Michael Raymond - Business Litigation Attorney

Fort Worth Office (Summit Ave.)

Sullivan, Dan – Managing Attorney | Personal Injury Litigation

Maxwell, Stephen C. - Managing Attorney | Personal Injury Litigation

Wright, Doug – Managing Attorney | Family Law

Wieneskie, Paul F. – Associate Attorney | Appellate Law

Langston, Rebecca McRae - Personal Injury Attorney

Langston, Shane F. - Personal Injury Attorney

Wommack III, George Toby - Business Law Attorney

Weatherford Office

McCarty, Patrick - Family & Criminal Law Attorney

Carrollton Office

Mapes, Jane – Family Law Attorney

Grand Prairie Office

Spychalski, Michael J. – Managing Attorney | Immigration Law

Arlington Office

Wyatt, Kim K. – Managing Attorney | Workers’ Compensation

Ashley, Mildred – Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Houston Office

Kennedy, Paul - Family Law and Divorce

Plano Office